With Gaius HR you have a true partner that will take the extra mile with you to get things done.

No matter, if you are a multinational company or an SME, with Gaius HR you have a partner that can support you to make a difference within your HR Department, which will enable you to add real value to your company.


HR Technology

HR Technologies (on premise and in the cloud) are incredible instruments for HR teams, offering flexibility, security and efficiency when it comes to managing the employee life cycle. While moving to the cloud offers significant benefits for companies, it is not always an easy and the right transition to make for all clients. Decision makers might be concerned with questions such as: What are the advantages of the cloud? How secure is it? What do we need to do before the move? Some systems may look great initially, but they might not be the right fit for a particular company or a specific industry. We know that most businesses do not have the time or resources needed to undertake the tasks associated with choosing the right system – e.g. collecting data, building a business case, conducting analysis, screening vendors and organising demonstrations and supporting the implementation. That’s why, at Gaius HR, we do all this for you.


HR & HRIS Program & Project Management

For clients who want to boost the pace of a project, or improve its impact, we offer HR project and programme management services. We’ll provide you with some of the best project managers in the HR space, and, after getting to know your unique HR and HRIS challenges, build a bespoke offering that enables us to manage your HR projects and processes as effectively as possible.


Organizational Transformation

Change is an integral factor of growth for many companies and its significance has risen in a world consolidation. Indeed, to keep up with competition and the ever-changing world of business, a lot of organisations find that they need to restructure inefficient organisational processes and transform ingrained employee behaviours. Here at Gaius HR, we offer bespoke change management consulting services, including initiating change, supporting implementation, Technology Adoption and helping to train employees with the new skills they need.


HR Application Maintenance Services

With Gaius HR’s Application Maintenance Service (AMS), HR teams can receive expert advice and support on optimising and maintaining their HRIS and other tools in their ecosystem. For HR teams that just want to press on with using employee data to advance their HR processes, our AMS takes care of maintenance, development and problem-solving for the system. Our Service covers SuccessFactors, Cornerstone, ServiceNow, WalkMe and many more tools.


HR Operations Excellence

With HR teams under constant pressure to prove that they are contributing to business objectives and reducing costs for the company, having a strong HR and HRIS (human resource information system) strategy and potentially an outsourcing strategy in place is integral to helping you plan, measure and improve your HR processes with efficiency, organisation and impact. Adding a Talent Management Suite (TMS) to an HRIS further boosts the value that HR departments provide. Elements such as recruiting, onboarding, performance management, compensation, development, succession and learning help support companies in gaining optimum employee performance and allows them to stay ahead of the competition. Gaius HR can help businesses get the most out of these systems by putting strategies in place and supporting their implementation.


Nubo – Smart full HR Suite for SME’s

Nubo, platform from Gaius HR, turns HR into a success factor for your company. The principle behind this is simple: you select precisely those services which really help to further develop your company. Gain optimum employee performance and distance yourself from your competitors. More quickly, more efficiently and at lower cost. From the recruitment process, right through to succession planning, with a seamless integration into payroll, time management and other systems.